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Vendor code: 001
Universal device NEURODENS PCM  . 6th Generation . For Professional, Clinical and Home use . Multilanguage menu navigation. Languages are selectable : English, Russian, German, French and Italian. Contains  24 automatic express treatment programs for treatment of the most widespread illnesses and conditions : Allergies, Pain, Severe Pain, Bloating, Neuro- circulatory distonia, Gynecological Pain, Gynecology, Hypertension, Hypotonia, Headache, Throat, Diarrhea, Gastrointestinal pain, Constipation, Cough, Muscle Tension, Cold, Potency, Kidneys, Back Pain, Joint Pain, Nausea, Trauma, Asthma.
220 USD For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: 021
NEW !! Model 2019. The introduction of the medical technology «neural-like dynamic electroneurostimulation» or NEURODENS has become a new result of the research activity carried out by the SANED Group (recognizable brand is DENAS) of Companies for more than 21 years. The first novelty in this series is the NEURODENS-Cardio device for blood pressure correction with four treatment-and-prophylactic programs that act on the cause of hypertension.
325 USD For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: 002
DENAS-Vertebra 2 : - apparatus for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the spine and internal organs; - implemented a fundamentally new way of electrostimulation the type "traveling wave" - The inclusion of alternate 48 electrodes ; - emphasis on each spine; - 5 automated curative programs; - professional opportunities; - biocontrolled therapy; - has award - the top 100 of the best goods in Russia.
1.255 USD For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: 018
Ready programs for health. Healthy back - every movement in joy !!
277 USD For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: 004
DENAS-Osteo 2 is an apparatus intended for correction of functional disorders in the cervical spine, muscles of neck and shoulder girdle.
145 USD For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: 005
DENAS-Lados is specialized physiotherapy apparatus for the treatment of acute and chronic pain. Compact, easy to manage, highly efficient. Three modes of operation. Emergency care for injuries!!
135 USD For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: 022
The manual covers aspects of the use of physiotherapeutic devices, which are based on the method of neuropathic dynamic electrical stimulation.
23 USD For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: 077
Set of disposable special sheets for DENAS Vertebra. 10 pieces
25 USD For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: 088
Adapter with mini-USB connector for connecting massage and point  electrodes ( very first electrode models)  to DENAS-PCM, DENAS-T, DENAS devices.
15 USD For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: 078
Pair  conductive electrode is for effective use on treatment  on the knee,  elbow, wrist and ankle. Size free . Pain relief leads are required.
38 USD For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: 95
Remote Electrode - Knee or Elbow for neurotherapy with set of 4 pieces auxiliary Electrodes Pads. Use for  treatment of the elbow and knee.
38 USD For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: 97
Special Electrode Cable for DiaDENS-COSMO.
17 USD For 1 pcs.
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