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Special gel for physiotherapy 3 oz.

Vendor code: 029
Special gel for physiotherapy 85 ml ( 2,9 oz.)

The gel is a contact medium for physiotherapeutic effects on the patient's body. Recommended for external use, phonophoresis and electrotherapy according to standard techniques.
20 USD for 1 pcs.
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Main characteristics
Weight, gr
Description :
allows electrical impulses and ultrasonic vibrations to penetrate deep into body skin;
evenly distributed;
preserves a thick texture;
allows the sensor to contact as closely as possible with the treated area;
It is water-soluble and hypoallergenic. It is easy to remove with a napkin or rinse with water;
it does not leave marks on clothing;
Gel can be used at home.
Its use has no contraindications except for damage to the skin - for example, in the presence of abrasions, burns, scratches, open wounds. If you are prone to allergies, physiotherapy gel is recommended to first apply to the elbow bend to eliminate any complicated allergic reactions.

How to use :
Gel for physiotherapy procedures applied to the sensor apparatus or directly on the patient's skin. After the procedure, the gel is removed from the skin with a wet wipe or wash off with water.
Vendor code
Weight, gr
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