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VIVAX SPORT WARMING CREAM with active peptide complexes

Vendor code: 088
The line VIVAX Sport is specially designed for athletes, as well as people leading an active lifestyle, engaged in fitness and all who care about their health.
49 USD for 1 pcs.
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Main characteristics
VIVAX Company is engaged in manufacturing medical and hygiene products, the formula of which is based on innovative designs that have no analogues in the world. 
VIVAX Sport – recovery, rehabilitation and preventive means for the body. 

Description : 
  • AK-1: Thymus peptides activates the regeneration of skin cells; 
  • AK-3: Pancreatic tissue peptides stimulates active weight loss by burning fat in the body; 
  • AK-7: Blood vessels peptides improves blood supply and tissue nutrition; 
  • AK-8 Muscle tissue peptides restore optimal functioning of muscle cells; 
  • AK-9 Epiphysis peptides Regulate metabolism and enhance protein synthesis; 
  • AK-12 Cartilage tissue peptides promotes the formation of collagen by the body’s cells. 

  • Neovitin® bioantioxidant complex preparation made from the relic ginseng. It contains a mixture of enzymes of antioxidant protection of the body and triterpene glycosides involved in redox processes in the skin; 
  • Camphor is extracted from camphor oil. It has an antiseptic, analgesic, hyperemic and light whitening effect; 
  • Capsicum Annuum extract has a bactericidal and local warming effect due to capsaicin, which is part of its composition. 

Anti-doping certificates: S198S, S199S, S200S, S201S, S202S, S203S, S222S, S223S. 

It is used before training to increase efficiency and reduce injuries. Helps to activate ATP, increasing the vitality and potential of the muscles. Increases protective properties and immune abilities of cells, preparing the muscles and ligaments to work intensively without damage Improves blood circulation, deeply warms the muscles and ligaments. Stimulates joint and ligamentous tissue regeneration, preparing it for stress and significantly reducing the likelihood of injury. 

Recommendations for use : 
The warming cream of the VIVAX Sport line has a rather good slip, and good adhesion, which is necessary for the muscles during a restorative massage. It provides a fast preparation and warming up of muscle tissue. Apply the cream to active muscle groups. Rub until the cream is completely absorbed. Warming cream can be used before exercise and training to improve efficiency.

 Ingredients: Purified Water, Dimethicone in Dimethiconol, Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone Copolyol, PEG-400 Stearate, Olive Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Ethylhexyl Cocoate, Cocoa Butter, Palm Oil, Emulsion Wax, Cyclomethicone, PEG-400, Neovitin® Bioantioxidant Complex, Beeswax, CO2-Capsicum Annuum Extract, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol with Ethylhexylglycerin, Propylene Glycol, AK-1, AK-3, AK-7, AK-8, AK-9, AK-12, Camphor, Fragrance Composition. 
Declaration of conformity РОСС RU.AГ58.Д00184 of February 2, 2012
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