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SuJok Therapy Set

Vendor code: 040
Set of massagers for Su Jok therapy.
Sujok methods (hand and foot) is the latest acupuncture interpretation.
Massage balls produce double effect upon active zones: mechanic (due to the pressure from ball's needles) and magnetic (due to the magnet inside the ball).
7 USD for 1 pcs.
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According to the Eastern medicine rules, our hands, feet and fingers are full of points (zones) that correspond to visceral organs. Stimulation of these points helps to overcome many diseases.

Stimulates proper functioning of all visceral organs. Massaging hands, feet and fingers is comparable to full-body massage. It helps to tone up the whole body, improves working capacity and sexual vigor, produces an overall therapeutic effect. The balls (big and small) are used for comprehensive massage of back, spine, arms and legs, stimulation of active zones and activation of energetic meridians.  

Big ball diameter: 5 cm,
Small ball diameter: 3.5 cm , 
Massage ring diameter: 3 cm  

Balls: plastic, magnet. 
Ring: stainless steel. 


Use the big magnet ball for feet (traditional and point massage, integrated effect). Sit down on a chair and roll the balls with your feet during 10-15 minutes daily. 

Use the small magnet ball for hands (traditional and point massage, integrated effect). Make yourself comfortable and roll the ball in your hands to stimulate their entire surface or certain points. 

Massage ring 
- Use it on fingers and toes.
- Pull the ring on your finger and massage all along. 

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