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DENAS Massage is  set of external Needle-shaped and Flat electrodes attachment for DENAS/DiaDENS devices.
DENAS Massage electrodes allow to combine two kinds of treatment – dynamic electrical neurostimulation (DENS) and mechanotherapy (massage).
77 USD for 1 pcs.
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Set includes two external massage electrodes. One electrode has needles on its working surface and second electrode’s working surface is flat.
External massage electrodes are used to enhance the effectiveness of DENS-therapy, facilitate affecting unapproachable skin areas or areas inconvenient for treatment with built-in electrodes of devices.
Dynamic electrical neurostimulation with external massage electrodes is applied for treatment of a wide range of visceral diseases, pain syndromes, as well as in facial and body esthetics.

1. Needle massage electrode is designed to affect the scalp. He has a double effect: current neurostimulation and technical massage by pressing.
Indications for use:

- headache, dizziness;
- sleep disorders, fatigue, anxiety;
- hair loss;
- rehabilitation after inflammatory diseases, traumatic brain injuries;
- atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels.

2. Massage electrode platform (flat) is designed for cosmetic procedures on the face and body. This electrode is also a good alternative to a bigger built-in electrode, especially when treating difficult to access parts of the body. This electrode makes treatment much easier - you don't have to constantly move and manoeuvre the whole electronic device.
Indications for use:

- reduced elasticity of the skin and muscle tone, swelling;
- for the treatment and prevention of cellulite;
- for impact on individual pain areas.

The kit includes:

• External therapeutic massage electrode No. 1;
• External therapeutic massage electrode No. 2;
English Operating Manual in *PDF, RU -in Box ;
• Connecting cable.
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Weight, gr
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