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DENAS-Osteo 2 is an apparatus intended for correction of functional disorders in the cervical spine, muscles of neck and shoulder girdle.
145 USD for 1 pcs.
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DENAS - OSTEO 2 is intended especially for elimination of pain and feeling of discomfort in a neck and a humeral belt.

DENAS Osteo 2 combines effects of dynamic electroneurostimulation and massage.

- it is simple in application;
- it is equipped with the convenient control panel for the choice of the modes;
- it can be applied both at severe pain, and to removal of muscular fatigue.

Indications for use:

pain syndrome, muscle tension, restricted mobility, muscle fatigue and other functional disorders caused by disease of the cervical spine, neck muscles and shoulder girdle, as well as prolonged forced position or heavy physical work.

Design of the apparatus and its built-in electrodes enables the patients to easily fasten the Osteo-DENS to the neck with the help of special holders, being included in the original package. 

DENAS-Osteo 2 device is equipped with 4 automatic programs:

• "Pain therapy": applied at intense pain in a neck and shoulder girdle;
• "Relaxation": used in muscle tension without pain syndrome; improves blood circulation, used in chronic fatigue and sleep disorders;
• "Headache" is used in muscle tension and discomfort in the neck area in combination with a headache;
• "Weather sensitivity" is used in muscle tension and discomfort in the neck area in combination with weather sensitivity.

The kit includes:

• Control unit;
• Neck electrode unit;
English Operating Manual - PDF ; RU in box ;
• Consumer packaging;
• Battery (type AA).


• Power supply: 1.5 in LR6/AA batteries (2 PCs.)
• Weight: control unit-80 g; neck electrode unit-170 g;
• Dimensions: Control Unit-130 × 50 × 22 mm; neck electrode unit-120 × 60 × 40 mm.
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