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Bioregulator of cartilaginous tissue .
38 USD For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: 39
Ovarian bioregulator.
38 USD For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: 38
Thyroid gland bioregulator.
38 USD For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: 36
Vessels bioregulator.
38 USD For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: 35
Liver bioregulator.
38 USD For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: 34
Prostate bioregulator
38 USD For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: 33
Brain bioregulator.
38 USD For 1 pcs.
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CITAMINES - dietary supplement , NOT a medicinal agent.
As a result of many years of research by Russian scientists from the Military Medical Academy and the Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, on the basis of the theory of peptide bioregulation, a new class of drugs was developed - Cytamins.
Cytamines are complexes of regulatory peptides;  are natural regulators of intracellular processes that normalize metabolism in the cells of tissues of human organs and systems, and therefore restore the natural health of organs.
Cytamines are based on peptides that regulate the state of the body's cells and ensure the normal functioning of all internal organs and tissues. This occurs through the participation of peptides in restorative, metabolic and stimulating processes at the cellular level. At the same time, due to such features of peptides as organo- and tissue-tropicity, they have a targeted effect, i.e. selectively regulate the cells of the organ (tissue) for which they are intended.
- Normalize intracellular processes and help cells to work properly;
- Due to tissue restoration at the cellular level, the functions of organs and systems are restored;
- Do not replace the function of body organs, but help to normalize and prolong their work;
- Compatible with any other nutrient and medicinal substances;
- Non-hormonal drugs;
- Safe composition of natural origin, do not contain preservatives, dyes, fragrances and other toxic components;
- No side effects;
- No withdrawal syndrome.