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Alle agree electro-toxicity is an alarming health issue.
This kit will help you cope with such an urgent problem of the 20th and 21st centuries as "electromagnetic smoke" and improve your health.
These products on guard at your health!
419 USD for 1 pcs.
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• Scenar ULM/ OLM - 01 Therapeutic Blanket, Size: 86" x 63" (220 cm) х (160 cm);
• Scenar OLM Therapeutic Healing CAP;
• SOEKS IMPULSE Magnetic field analyzer;
• SOEKS 112 Dosimeter.

The idea to shield, protect, fence a person from external magnetic radiation has  been existed since ancient times. In our time of globalization, in the beginning of the 20-21 century, these ideas of protection against unwanted, negative radiation are more relevant than ever. 
Nowadays it is known that constant and intense electromagnetic radiation has a negative effect on  our health. We are lucky and with the help of this kit we can protect our body, exclude our being under negative influences and radiation.
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