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Scenar OLM-02 Energy Sleeping Bag Size L

Vendor code: 049
Large size : 79" x 40"  (200 cm x 102 cm).
Double Shielded Energy compound Sleeping Bag.
Full wrap.
399 USD for 1 pcs.
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Main characteristics
Scenar Energy Sleeping Bag is a physiotherapy-based technology used for boosting health, as well as for the prevention, rehabilitation and treatment of various diseases and disorders. When you need to recover from a disease, or simply rest and relax with minimum effort, the ideal solution is therapeutic Sleeping Bag. 

  • The ability to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect due to the complete wrapping of a person, leaving only the face open; 
  • The ability to independently fit in a sleeping bag; 
  • The mobility inside the sleeping bag during the procedure without the risk of remaining deployed.
Recommended for the treatment of a wide range of diseases, the regulation of psycho-emotional disorders, improve sleep, increase resistance to stress, relieve muscle tension. It is also indicated in the treatment of fractures, injuries of ligaments and muscles, bruises, abrasions, wounds, burns and frostbite, with postoperative rehabilitation, etc. Use in combination with the SCENAR, DENAS devices enhances the therapeutic effect. 

 Characteristics :
 There are contraindications for use. To ensure that procedures are carried out correctly and that an ideal combination with other treatment methods is achieved, including those implementing dynamic electroneurostimulating instruments, it is necessary to familiarise with the instructions for use or to consult a specialist. 

 The kit includes: 
 • Sleeping bag with cotton liner; 
 • English Opening Manual in PDF , ( RU in box) ; 

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