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Liver bioregulator.
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Liver bioregulator.
Normalizes and improves liver function, accelerates its recovery after taking medication, poisoning and exposure to other negative factors.

Long-term studies conducted by the institute team led to the creation of a new class of geroprotectors - peptide bioregulators. The use of peptide bioregulators provides effective prevention of premature aging and therapy of age-related diseases.

Biologically active food supplement. Not a cure.

Prevention and treatment of mono- and polyetiologic diseases and lesions of the liver - the most important parenchymal organ - are an extremely important task in restoring and maintaining human health. Infectious, toxic, metabolic, involutional and other causes have a negative effect on the antitoxic, excretory and protein-synthetic functions of the liver. Liver damage of any etiology (viral, drug, alcohol, toxic) or diffuse proliferation of connective tissue (cirrhosis) ultimately leads to acute or chronic liver failure, which is the main component of multiple organ failure in critical conditions of various nature. In order to correct these pathological changes in the liver, "Hepatamine" was developed, which has a hepatotropic effect.

It has a selective effect on liver cells and enhances the reparative processes in hepatocytes, normalizing their work.

It contributes to the restoration of liver functions after acute and chronic diseases, during treatment with antibiotics and other drugs that adversely affect the liver.

It has a hepatoprotective effect when exposed to various harmful substances, extreme factors and malnutrition.

Impaired liver function in acute and chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis.

How to take (course of administration and dosage):
1-3 tablets 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes before meals, drink water, do not chew. Course: 10-14 days.
Repeated course after 3-6 months.

It is easily combined with other food additives and medicines.

Special instructions:
individual intolerance to the components.

Before use, it is recommended to consult with a specialist.

Presentation and Package:
40 tablets per pack;
155 mg each tablet.
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