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Scenar ULM/ OLM - 01 Therapeutic Blanket

Vendor code: 012
Size: 86" x 63" (220 cm) х (160 cm).
Scenar ULM/ OLM - 01 Therapeutic Blanket shields you from external electromagnetic radiation, at the same time your own radiation is reflected and thus initiates healing processes.
For treatment of stress and related diseases. For the rehabilitation, prevention and treatment of various diseases. To improve the general condition and mood, to increase the resistance of the body.
188 USD for 1 pcs.
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To use Scenar ULM/ OLM - 01, simply wrap yourself in it!  
Blankets for the whole family (children, seniors, pets and ......)!

Blanket Scenar ULM/ OLM - 01 healing blanket is used to:
- Save and strengthen health , increases immunity;
- Prevent diseases;
- Treat diseases and disorders;
- Rehabilitate, revitalise and energise;
- Increase the effectiveness of combined treatments;
- Decrease drug side effects;
- Reduces drug use, rehabilitates patients, aged people, disabled people and incurable patients;
- Decreases side effects of other methods of treatment; synchronizes biorhythms;
- Reduces vegetative and hormonal imbalance.

Scenar ULM/ OLM   healing blanket  an award winning : Paul Ehrich medal by the European Academy of Clinical Immunology,Germany.
For the development of the “The Method and Device for Multifactorial Therapeutic Action Using TMB-01 Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket”, its author was awarded the Mechnikov Medal “For Practical Contribution to Strengthening the Nation’s Health” from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. 

This non pharmaceutical  approach to restorative and corrective medicine is aimed at effective recovery from,and the prevention of illnesses, as well as relief from stress, depression and chronic fatigue.
Scenar ULM/ OLM - 01 therapeutic multilayer blanket changes an initially unfavorable functional condition of the human body, towards one of a more favorable state. This is achieved by optimizing the functioning of the regulatory and protective subsystems and enhancing the economy of energy exchange that essentially determines the state of health, emotional and mental state, and resistance to diseases and stresses, the severity of disorders, and even the efficiency of specific clinical treatments. 

Complete wrapping up in the therapeutic blanket is used for rehabilitation, prevention and treatment of diseases, including those caused by chronic stress.
The procedure improves sleep, overall well-being and mood, increases resistance to stress factors.

Allows to shorten treatment time and get a summarized effect in complex therapy, together with dynamic electrical neurostimulation effects ( Denas - LADOS, Denas PCM  ).

Further Product Information :

• Unique multilayer structure;
• Modern antiallergic material;
• One size: 86" x 63" (220 cm) х (160 cm);
• Weight : 2,5 ± 0,5 kg.

 The kit includes:

• Blanket;
• English  Opening Manual in PDF , ( RU in box) ;
• Storage bag.

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