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Brain bioregulator.
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Brain bioregulator.
Correction of central nervous system functions.
It contributes to the normalization of brain function, improves memory and attention, it is recommended for intense mental activity.

Long-term studies conducted by the institute team led to the creation of a new class of geroprotectors - peptide bioregulators. The use of peptide bioregulators provides effective prevention of premature aging and therapy of age-related diseases.

Pathology of the central nervous system most often develops after injuries, infections, autoimmune, vascular and metabolic diseases and is accompanied by a significant decrease in the quality of life of patients. The polymorphism of clinical and morphological manifestations of brain pathology is largely due to the peculiarities of neurophysiological changes at various levels of integrative activity of the brain, which, in turn, depend on a genotypic and phenotypic predisposition to brain diseases. All reactions that occur after cerebral lesions are considered as a combination of pathological and compensatory-adaptive processes that occur with a certain periodicity. Etiopathogenetic factors contributing to the development of diseases of cerebral structures are diverse, therefore, for the correction and prevention of brain dysfunctions occurring in various diseases, "Cerebramin " was developed.

    It has a selective effect on brain cells and normalizes its functions, improves memory and attention, provides prevention of possible cerebrovascular disorders and their consequences.
    It accelerates the restoration of brain functions after traumatic brain injury, stroke, surgical interventions on the brain, with cerebral palsy, decreased learning ability, delayed psychomotor and speech development in children, intellectual and mnemonic disorders.
    Recommended for intense mental activity, as well as the elderly to maintain brain function.

    Acute and chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency;
    consequences of traumatic brain injury;
    consequences of neuroinfections;
    demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system;
    autonomic dysfunctions;
    pre- and postoperative periods in neurosurgical operations;
    conditions after extreme stress loads.

How to take (course of administration and dosage):
1-3 tablets 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes before meals, drink water, do not chew. Course: 10-14 days. Repeated course after 3-6 months.

It is easily combined with other food additives and medicines.

Special instructions:
individual intolerance to the components.

Before use, it is recommended to consult with a specialist.

Presentation and Package:
40 tablets per pack;
155 mg each tablet.
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