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What is DENAS Therapy? 

About DENAS (abbreviation DENS ) method.

Method of Dynamic Electrical Neurostimulation (DENS).

Dynamic electroneurostimulation is one of the modern directions in the mechanical reflexotherapy and is designed for application in many fields of medicine both within the complex treatment and monotherapy.

Question : What is the difference between the device DENAS and other devices?

Answer: One of the important features of Denas is the fact that the device is adjusted for individual work with each specific organism (the presence of so-called biologically feedback) and is activated in the nervous system while it is on the skin. Other physiotherapy devices do not have this possibility. In addition, the device operates on the principle of forming a neural-like impulse. This eliminates the possibility of its adverse effects on the body, that is, the device cannot have absolute contraindications.

This is the main distinguishing feature from other physiotherapy devices that work on the basis of electricity. This particular feature is protected by a patent.

All physiotherapy devices are an auxiliary tool in treatment, and DENAS is an independent one. Moreover, all physiotherapeutic devices have certain contraindications

and especially those  that use electricity as a therapeutic factor.

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