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A visual color pulse therapy device designed for the treatment and prevention of eye diseases and neuropsychiatric disorders

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SELFDOCS-VIZION is a new generation physiotherapy device for improving vision. Physiotherapy device Vizion from Selfdocs for eye restoration after a whole day of working at the computer.

Indications for use:

- Comprehensive treatment and prevention of ophthalmological diseases.

- Correction of psycho-emotional state.

The unique eye device SELFDOCS-VIZION works on the principle of color pulse therapy. Its pulses of different wavelengths act directly on the eyes. In response, your brain also directly sends signals to your body. After the first session, you will begin to feel changes throughout your entire body. Blood circulation will improve and fluid outflow will be adjusted. Intraocular and blood pressure is stabilized. A course of using the SELFDOCS-VIZION device will support your condition during mental and emotional overload. Relieves tension and fatigue. It will also be a good addition to complex treatment already prescribed by a specialist. SELFDOCS-VIZION eye trainer glasses will help you cope with age-related changes and avoid surgeries in the future. This device is worth paying attention to for those who already wear glasses for vision correction. Likewise for those who want to protect their eyes from cataracts. Prevent astigmatism or correct strabismus.

In addition, the device is aimed at improving your psychological state. It promotes relaxation from stress and reduces anxiety, relief from headaches and improves sleep quality.

Application areas: eyes

1. Complex treatment and prevention of ophthalmological diseases:

  • Myopia (myopia): prevention and treatment of myopia

  • Retinal dystrophy: reducing the risk of developing retinal dystrophy

  • Astigmatism: stabilization of the accommodative apparatus of the eye

  • Glaucoma: normalization of intraocular pressure

  • Cataracts: prevention and treatment of the initial stages of cataracts

  • Optic Nerve Atrophy: Prevention of Optic Nerve Degeneration

  • Spasm of accommodation: relaxation of the muscular system of the eye during prolonged intense exercise

  • Asthenopia (visual fatigue): elimination of pain and discomfort in the eyes

  • Prevention of visual impairment due to visual stress

  • Visual fatigue (elimination of pain and discomfort in the eyes)

2. Correction of psycho-emotional state:

  • Relaxation: reducing overall tension and feelings of fatigue

  • Sleep: normalization and improvement of sleep quality

  • Emotional tension: relaxing effect during stress and emotional stress

  • Overexcitability: harmonizing responses to stress

  • Headache: reduction of headaches associated with mental and emotional stress

  • Psychosomatic disorders: improvement of the course of pathology of internal organs associated with psycho-emotional disorders

  • Depression: relaxation, decreased anxiety

  • Neurotic symptoms: an adjunct to the treatment of neurological disorders

17 programs

The kit includes:


  • Battery type LR6/AA, 1.5 V*

  • Manual


Overall dimensions of the device, mm: 199 ± 5 x 134 ± 5 ​​x 91 mm ± 5

Net weight, g: 310 ± 50

Supply voltage: 1.9 to 3.0 V

Technology: NEURODENS

There are contraindications, consultation with a specialist is required

Weight, gr
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