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Health is an invaluable gift,  that multiply and strengthen is a noble work.

We are a group of highly creative, innovative, and collaborative individuals inspired by its customers. It all started in the 2007s as a small private business selling the best Russian goods abroad, which are in the top of the best products manufactured in Russia.

Since 2016 Official sales representative  Group of Companies of SANED ( producteds DENAS MS Corporation and Scenar)  in Russian Federation, Moscow.

“DENAS MS” and “ SCENAR” are a collections of high-tech products which are based on cutting-edge scientific developments in the field of medicine.

Our clients turn to DENAS’s and SCENAR’s products for many reasons, as we have been proven to be the highest quality, safest product on the market today. We have thousands positive product reviews that  are high quality and demonstrated effectiveness. Have developed a culture of trust with our clients as not only a medical device but also a personal massager ( a real “home doctor”). It are indicator, why people choose us, trust us, recommended us – not only at Russia.

DENAS STORE offers an extensive assortment of personal wellness products that are created to help you restore the balance to your life. With our products, it's easy to be proactive in the maintenance of your health and well-being. We will be glad to see you among our regular customers.

And that's just one of the things we do.

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